Elijah - New Release!

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After watching interviews with spouses of career military members, one interview inspired me to write the song Elijah, about the partner of a soldier. Each night, after the children went to bed, she left a light on above the back porch. She spoke to her husband through this light while he was away on his third tour of duty, expressing her hope for his safety. The home front is often as hard to bear as the war front, as revealed in the chorus: “We are the broken hearts of peace."

Joy Brooks - Vocals 
Fredrick Brooks - Guitars 
Chris Pezzarello - Drums 
Robbie Grunwald - Accordion 

Produced by Fredrick Brooks 
Additional Production Robbie Grunwald
Mixed by Robbie Grunwald 
Written by Fredrick Brooks 
Mastered by Justin Gray 
Cover Photo by Joy Brooks


There’s a light on, my soldier 
Holds a silence - we share 
Oh Elijah come home
Your daylight is here 

On this dark road, you travel 
Truth is blind - unseen 
Oh Elijah my love 
It’s a cruel world we must leave 

We are the battle, that no one can see 
We are the broken hearts of peace 

From these shadows that bind us 
I cry out your name 
Oh Elijah my heart aches 
For the memories of our days 

We are the battle, that no one can see 
We are the broken hearts of peace

©Fredrick Brooks 2019

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