Whole Earth - One Breath

In honour of the upcoming UN Climate Change Conference COP26 (Conference of the Parties).

Fredrick wrote this song many years ago when our family was young and we worried about their future. It rings louder every year.

Whole Earth 

Oh here we are knuckle under, there goes your farmland 

We’ll bleed the life from you and pencil in your skyline 

Spray each wildflower - reroute your rivers 

Dance to the almighty buck - it’s worth your children 

Tow the line 

Are these the children of the last horizon 

Will there be a new light of day 

Our star is dying and we must be healers 

Or the passage of million years ends today 

Hold the line 


I see the writing on the wall 

Tell me we will join hands 

Let conscience guide us all 

Whole Earth - One Breath 

Shelter me - I’ll shelter you 

We can be healers 

Speak the truth 


As our red brothers chant words of wisdom 

We join our voices in loud and clear 

Sacred lands may still fall to profit 

Yet no longer are we victims of fear 

All around us, there’s a vision 

No longer do we live the American dream  

A timeless mystery has unraveled 

We will save her - You and me


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