New song coming May 10th 2022

It feels good to be releasing old and new songs as we slowly come out of Covid (hopefully). We waited so long to get our music out there and then came the pandemic and slowed us to a crawl. Working with Robbie Grunwald has been an inspiring process and we are working hard to get as many of our songs out as we can. 
After watching interviews with spouses of career military members, one interview inspired me to write the song Elijah, about a soldier and his partner. Each night, after the children went to bed, she left a light on above the back porch. She spoke to her husband through this light while he was away on his third tour of duty, expressing her hope for his safety. The home front is often as hard to bear as the war front, as revealed in the chorus: “We are the broken hearts of peace."
Elijah will be released on May 10th.

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