Evening from Hillcrest - Now available

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It's been a long time coming, but we have finally completed a 13 song album released on December 15th. We have included a few songs that we had released over the last year because we felt they deserved to be there and due to the number of requests for CD form. 

The title of the record 'Evening from Hillcrest' has a long history. It spawned from a landscape view from Fredrick's newspaper route he had as a youth, the name of the street he raised his family on, the area his eldest daughter now lives, and the name of a company his youngest daughter has built. Some songs have stayed with us from many years ago to more recent ones. Many have been heard by audiences and others have not.

We have so many people to thank for helping us get to our goal. There are a few we've never met due to Covid, but their contributions and creativity have made this album better than we could have wished for. Our songs embrace many different genres and our producer, Robbie Grunwald, was able to give them the musical direction they deserve. His energy and expertise in every aspect is exceptional.  

Thanks to Joey Landreth, Christine Bougie, Joshua Van Tassel, Bryden Baird, Joseph Shabason, Charles James, Steve Zsirai, Drew Jurecka, Caroline Brooks, Katherine McKenzie, Chris Stringer and Darren McGill for helping to make this beautiful recording. Beyond words for what we owe you. Credits are linked with the songs. (Credit information can be found on our website brookfieldnorth.ca/shop)

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